Ento 13: 30 Years of Thornhill & Alcock

Royal Entomological Society: Ento ’13 International Symposium and Annual National Science Meeting

4th-6th September 2013, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Thirty years of Thornhill & Alcock: The Evolution of Insect Mating Systems

Symposium Convenors: David Shuker (david.shuker@st-andrews.ac.uk) and Leigh Simmons (leigh.simmons@uwa.edu.au)

National Science Meeting Convenor: Graham Stone (graham.stone@ed.ac.uk)

The International Symposium:

The International Symposium will celebrate 30 years of Thornhill and Alcock’s ground-breaking book The Evolution of Insect Mating Systems. The book has had an enormous impact on multiple generations of entomologists and behavioural ecologists, and we will celebrate that achievement and explore the progress we have made in understanding insect mating systems and reproductive behaviour since 1983. The original book covered many aspects of insect mating systems, from the evolution of sex and sexual systems, through to how ecology and sexual selection interact to shape the mating systems we see. Much has happened in the three decades since the book was published, including major advances in our understanding of the evolution of sex, sexual selection (especially mate choice and post-copulatory sexual selection), the mechanistic basis of reproductive behaviour, and of course sexual conflict. Insects have played a major role in all these developments, as the symposium and the accompanying volume will highlight.

Symposium speakers to include:Göran Arnqvist (Uppsala); Boris Baer (University of Western Australia); Roger Butlin (University of Sheffield); Trish Moore (University of Georgia); Ben Normark (UMASS); Leigh Simmons (University of Western Australia); Per Smiseth (University of Edinburgh); Rhonda Snook (University of Sheffield); Nina Wedell (University of Exeter)

National Science Meeting:

The National Meeting will comprise a series of themed sessions as well as general entomology sessions open to talks on any entomological topic. Depending on the presentations offered by delegates, sessions may be combined or delegates may be asked to present a poster instead of a talk (or vice versa).

Proposed Themed Sessions:

Pollinator Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Beneficial Insects: Biological Control and Beyond Sexual Selection in Insects Entomology for the Masses: Impact and Outreach Insect Community Ecology Insect Genomics

For further details please: http://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/ento-13-4-6-september-2013

REGISTRATION DETAILS and a full list of SYMPOSIUM SPEAKERS to follow shortly.

Paper of the week: Sexual cannibalism and reproductive interference

After a short delay (and thanks to Steve for managing our change of server), Paper of the Week is back with an “in press” paper in Animal Behaviour that contains two current favourite topics in the lab: sexual cannibalism and reproductive interference.

Costa-Schmidt & Machado (2012) Reproductive interference between two sibling species of gift-giving spiders. Anim Behav, in press.

Our own foray into sexual cannibalism is currently in review, so news on that soon with any luck…