Divertissement of the week, my dear Watson

This week’s Paper of the Week is more of a divertissement than usual. McCuskey explores the scientific use and abuse of Sherlock Holmes by proponents of Intelligent Design and also by¬†evolutionary biologists. He shows that Holmes is an unreliable ally and is best left out of rhetorical debates about evolution. I agree: the only fictional authority we need for wisdom and wit¬†is Mr Bennet.

McCuskey, B. (2012) Sherlock Holmes and Intelligent Design. Quart Rev Biol 87: 225-235.

Welcome to Jade

Welcome to Jade Green who joins the lab this week as a research technician on our NERC grant exploring the genetics of sex ratio behaviour. Jade also did her undergraduate degree here so is an old St Andrews hand.

Paper of the week: end of history, beginning of 2013

Happy New Year from the Insect Behavioural Ecology group!

To get 2013 going, the paper of the week this week is this interesting article just out in Science:

Quoidbach et al (2013) The End of History Illusion. Science 339: 96-98

These sorts of studies often make me worry about problems with regression to the mean, but it is a fun story nonetheless.