Sexual selection studies

Dave is just back from North Carolina and a NESCent meeting on Sexual Selection. Thanks to Joan and all the members of the catalysis meeting for an excellent three days’ discussion. Watch this space for a stimulating review paper…

Book of the last month or so

A bit slack on papers of the week recently… instead, here is a great book for Darwin history fansĀ I read recently during a trip to Canada: Darwin, Literature and Victorian Respectability by Gowan Dawson (2007, CUP).

Emily’s paper out in Behavioural Processes

Emily’s paper on the effects of diet on social and sexual behaviour in four species of seed bug is now out in Behavioural Processes.

Burdfield-Steel et al. (2013) Variation in social and sexual behaviour in four species of aposematic seed bugs (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae): the role of toxic and non-toxic food. Behavioural Processes, 99: 52-61.