Ginny’s first paper

Phew, that was quick! Only here a week and Ginny has already published her first paper – congratulations! Published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the paper includes work from Ginny’s undergraduate project. It’s open-access, so please go here to enjoy it:

Cedric K. W. Tan, Hanne Løvlie, Elisabeth Greenway, Stephen F. Goodwin, Tommaso Pizzari, and Stuart Wigby (2013) Sex-specific responses to sexual familiarity, and the role of olfaction in Drosophila. Proc Roy Soc B 280: 20131691

Dave and Sue publish together!

As predicted by Josephine Pemberton several moons ago, Sue and I are finally publishing together – isn’t that sweet! And what a paper it is:

Marshall, R.E.S., Hurly, T.A., Sturgeon, J., Shuker, D.M. & Healy, S.D. (2013) What, where and when: deconstructing memory. Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B, in press.

It is also a great pleasure to publish with Andy Hurly, Sue’s long-time collaborator and excellent purveyor of log-cabin G&Ts. Another first: I have finally found a use for a likelihood analysis. Strange days indeed. Looking forward to another slow-burn citation classic.

Lab welcomes 4G

Welcome to Ginny Greenway and Georgina Glaser who start their PhDs this week. Ginny will be working on a NERC-funded project exploring post-copulatory sexual selection in lygaeid bugs. Georgina will be primarily supervised by Sue Healy on a BBSRC-funded project on context-dependent choice, but she will also be doing some experiments with our wasps. Welcome aboard!