Paper of the week: ecology not sex determination

Paper of the week is back from the grave, with a new paper by ex-lab alumna Laura Ross & friends. They test whether ecology or mode of sex determination explains patterns of helping in eusocial species: using a comparative analysis, they show it is the former.

For more details, visit Current Biology‘s website or hunt for

Ross et al (2013) Ecology, not the genetics of sex determination, determines who helps in eusocial populations. Curr Biol 23: 2383-2387.

In other paper news…

Dave’s paper with Thom, Tom, Stu and Kevin on the pros and cons of niche construction has now been accepted for publication in Evolution. A big thank you to my co-authors, but in particular to Thom for so heroically bringing that paper to fruition.

Liam’s next paper accepted

Well done to Liam, who has just heard that his empirical paper on the effect of mate choice paradigm on the strength of sexual selection in Lygaeus equestris has just been accepted by Animal Behaviour. More news on that coming out in the New Year. Hopefully Liam’s meta-analysis of the same comparison across species is being submitted as I write this…