Well done Becky!

Becky’s review of sexual selection in parasitoid wasps has just been accepted by Biological Reviews. We will let you know when the final version is out in print.

Well Done Emily!

Emily has just submitted her thesis (well, Becky has done it for her – thanks Becky!) so that is really wonderful news.

Emily has also just started a post-doc at the University of Jyvaskyla working on wood tiger moth chemical defence and automimicry with Johanna Mappes. Her new email address is:


However, until her thesis defence, we still think of her as one of us!

Special issue of the week: 50 years of Inclusive Fitness

This week’s Special Issue of the Week is Andy and Stu’s special issue of Phil Trans Roy Soc B: “Inclusive Fitness: 50 years on”


There are some terrific papers in this special issue, and I would also like to give a special mention to Ben Hatchwell’s contribution after his lovely talk at ASAB last week.

Happy Reading!


Emily’s review accepted

Emily’s review of the evolutionary ecology of the Lygaeidae has just been accepted for publication in Ecology & Evolution. Watch this space for news of the link to the final version of the paper. Nice one Emily.