Thanks to Sophie and Charlotte

Thanks to Sophie and Charlotte for all their hard work in the lab over the last few weeks. We will be sorry to see you go! And thanks also to Frances Chapman, who coordinated Sophie and Charlotte’s placements as part of the Nuffield Research Placements Scheme. Best of luck for the future!

Poetry of the week

This week’s poetry of the week reflects the gorgeous weather we have been having, and how wonderful it is seeing all the plants and animals of Fife having such fun.

It is from Rupert Brooke’s “The Hill”, and are my favourite lines of poetry. Brooke of course did not survive the First World War, and it is also a good time to remember the countless wastes of lifeĀ in that war, and in all the conflicts since. Kiss the lovely grass everyone.

Breathless, we flung us on the windy hill,

Laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass.

Peacock butterfly

Some new header photos

Three new header photos have been added, two skippers and a swallowtail from our visit to New York State in June (thanks to FDR’s garden, and Rick & Ellen Harrison’s garden for supplying the butterflies).

Emily’s paper this time

Emily’s paper on mate-guarding and species discrimination has just been accepted by Evolutionary Ecology, and will be published as part of a special issue on Species Discrimination, following her talk at ESEB last year. Watch this space for details of the final version.