Real books after better for you (probably)

Real books as opposed to digital formats (kindles, on-screen pdfs etc) may be better for you, in terms of depth of reading and comprehension – go here for news of  recent study just reported in The Guardian. Whilst only a small study (and the below-the-line comments are full of “rubbish!” or, well, just rubbish), it does follow on from an interesting anecdote reported, again in The Grauniad, by one of the judges on a recent Booker Prize panel, who felt she did not concentrate on the Kindle books in the same way. Of course, people vary in their reading skills and practices, and various factors may play a part in what one prefers or the effects that a given medium would have (e.g. if one is never a “deep” reader in some kind of way, then it may make no difference?). Interesting stuff though.

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