Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello to Bethan Boulton, who has surfed in for a few days to help Becky do some sums explaining why female Nasonia wasps evolve to mate multiply.

Bethan Boulton on a surf boardAnd fond farewells to Laura Collins, Alex Fryer and Mhairi Miller who graduated last week. Laura worked in the lab three summers ago now (time flies!), has contributed to two papers (so far), and finished with a well-deserved first-class Honours degree. Laura is now off to do a Tropical Ecology Masters. Alex and Mhairi did their SH projects in the lab with Becky and Georgina, and we are looking forward to using their data for upcoming publications as well. Congratulations to all of you, and good luck in the future!

Laura (on the left) saying cheerio in the appropriate style!


Congratulations to Liam

Warmest congratulations to Liam, who successfully passed his PhD viva yesterday – we present Dr Liam Dougherty! Well done on a terrific thesis. In further good news, Liam will start a 6-month post-doc with Leigh Simmons at UWA this coming August, so the very best of luck from all of us on the start of your academic career.

News updates: papers and thank yous

Dave and Sue are back from the second leg of their sabbatical, finishing with two weeks in the field with Georgina and the hummingbird team (see below). It has been a great five and half months, so thanks to Leigh, Joe, Jon, Jen, Mandy & everyone at UWA for making us so welcome, and Mark, John and Lorna, Kate, Mariella, Rob, Paul, Steve and everyone at Melbourne, Deakin, Macquarie, ANU, QUT and UQ for their hospitality and generously sharing their science (and ours!) whilst we were in Australia. And a keep on getting well to Andrew Cockburn as well. In North America, thanks to Trish and Allen, Rob, Victoria, Ellen and Rick, and Ben for their hospitality – great to catch up with everyone. And last but not least, thanks to Andy and Liz for looking after us so well in Canada, and to Georgina, Maria, Ellen and Amy for sharing the cabin. We hope the rest of the field season is as sunny!

Briefly, there has been a flurry of paper activity whilst I have been away, with Emily’s benefits of polyandry being accepted in Behavioural Ecology, Nicki’s methylation paper being accepted in Am Nat, Gethin’s inter-population cross paper being accepted in Biol J Linn Soc, and Becky’s cost of sex allocation paper coming out in Biology Letters. Congratulations everyone!

Sue and the team Canada 2015Sue, Ellen, Georgina and Maria in hummingbird-land.