Pop-Sci Book of the Week: Unnatural Selection

This week’s Popular Science Book of the Week is Emily Monosson’s Unnatural Selection: How we are changing life, gene by gene, published by Island Press.


The book gives a clear introduction to the issues surrounding antibiotic, pesticide, and anti-cancer resistance, and also explores the broader topics of evolution and chemical exposure (with a bit of epigenetics thrown in). Recommended.

Monosson Unnatural Selections Book Cover

ESEB update: serendipity

ESEB has drawn to a close, heralded by the ethereal sounds of the alpine horns… Final highlights included a great plenary by Dan Tawfik on protein evolution, and Laurent Keller’s inspiring Presidential Addrees. Laurent highlighted the role of serendipity in research, but also showed that one has to be open to serendipity, to follow the strange and the wrong-looking, as well as the neat-and-tidy and the explicable. A great meeting.

ESEB update: Nicki’s talk

Nicki gave a very nice talk here at ESEB today, on our work on DNA methylation and sex allocation in Nasonia (just out in Am Nat – see previous post!). Amongst other highlights was Kevin Foster’s tremendous plenary on social interactions in microbes – a fantastic talk, full of great visuals and great biology.