New lab papers

Liam and Becky have papers just out in print. Liam’s is a commentary piece with myself and Leigh Simmons on post-copulatory sexual selection when females mate only once* (published in Animal Behaviour), whilst Becky’s is our collaboration with Vero Martel, Guy Boivin and David Damiens in honour of our friend Mark Jervis, who passed away last year. Becky’s paper is just out in Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata.

*Liam’s paper is a good example that good things can come from that last, often painful General Discussion chapter of a thesis…

Well done guys, and thanks to all our wonderful collaborators!

Our friend Rick Harrison

I am very sorry to pass on the terribly sad news of the sudden passing of our friend Rick Harrison. Although Sue and I only got to know Rick and Ellen in recent years, we have been privileged to know Rick, and to have shared his warmth, generosity, intellect and love of wine. He will be greatly missed, and all our love goes out to Ellen and the family at this tragic moment. Thoughts of Rick will always make us smile however, and his intellectual rigour and generosity will always be an inspiration.

Sue, Rick and Ellen near Ithaca last summer.

Sue, Rick and Ellen NY State 2015

Evolution blog of the week

This week’s Evolution Blog of the Week is from Jerry Coyne’s “Why Evolution is True” blog, focusing on news of a large Templeton grant awarded to a group of researchers headed by Kevin Laland here in St Andrews. Pithy.

For those interested in my take on related topics, I’m one of the sceptics in this paper published in Evolution in 2014.