Tweet of the Day

Today’s Tweet of the Day is from Amanda Seed – does this count as outreach?

Tweet of the Day

Yes, it’s from my talk at the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology meeting. Amanda also “kindly” tweeted my cheeky opening line…

Second Tweet of the Day


The philosophy of insect courtship

As a PhD supervisor and post-doc mentor, it is very important that I instill a sense of intellectual focus to those in my group. Not that I need set them a good example of course, since they should just do as I say, not as I do. To that end, I’m giving an invited talk at the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s 2016 meeting, held here in St Andrews. I will be talking about how insect courtship can be used to help understand topics in the philosophy of communication, and linguistics more generally. So, slightly off-topic. Should be fun, one way or another!

ISBE – a great conference

The team are back from ISBE 2016 at Exeter. It was a great meeting, so thanks again to Sasha Dall and all his colleagues for their hard work. Brilliant plenaries really set the tone, and Ginny did a fab talk and Georgina’s poster was also terrific. Always nice to catch up with old friends and meet new ones – all in all a very inspiring and refreshing conference. Perfect.