Mentoring next generation

Our lab is very lucky to be surrounded by supportive, engaged and fun colleagues, who take their mentoring roles seriously, as we try and nurture the next generation of researchers. For instance, lots of respect and admiration to Lauren and Sue for their mentoring efforts at the Comparative Cognition Conference (CO3) meeting just finishing up in Florida. Lauren organised a mentoring session for early-stage researchers, with Sue being one of six mentors giving up their time to talk to junior colleagues. It is these kinds of efforts, so easily hidden from REF and other metric-based measures of academic attainment, that actually have – in their small, incremental ways – huge impact in the end, by creating supportive, diverse, and intellectually exciting communities that feedback into all the science that we do, and all the achievements that collectively we make. Good on them, and all the other mentors who gave up time on the beach to help the next generation of researchers.

Here is Sue in action:

and here is Lauren’s handywork:

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