Paper of the week: adaptive evolution

This week’s Paper of the Week is Deborah Charlesworth’s, Nick Barton’s and Brian Charlesworth’s timely review of the sources of adaptive variation in evolution. In response to claims made by supporters of an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis, Deborah, Brian and Nick place the neo-Darwinian process of genetic evolution – as encapsulated by the Modern Synthesis – at the heart of biological evolution. Okay, preaching to the converted in my case, but required reading otherwise. For a copy of the paper go here.

Thesis and paper!

Double congratulations to Ginny – she has successfully submitted her thesis this afternoon, and also her next paper is now out in print in Animal Behaviour (go here for open-access to the paper). Ginny’s thesis explores the causes and consequences of mating failure in our bugs, and her AB paper – with soon-to-be grad student Vicki Balfour – tests whether female Lygaeus simulans use pre-copulatory choice to avoid mating failure (I leave you on tenterhooks about the answer… go read it!). We have at least two more papers to come from Ginny, so we’ll keep you posted about those.

Ginny’s thesis (times three)!