New Year, New Papers

Happy New Year from the Shuker lab! We wish everyone all the very best for 2018, hoping that it will be filled with joy, enlightenment, and lots of insects having sex (but mostly enlightenment, given the way of things at the moment).

In other news, two new accepted manuscripts to report. Nicki’s final transcriptomic paper has been accepted in Royal Society Open Science – this paper again confirms that adaptive sex allocation in our wasps does not appear to be associated with much in the way of changes in gene expression – no free lunch here gene-hunters!

And Emily and I have written a comment, now accepted for publication, on an upcoming review in Behavioral Ecology by Tinghitella and colleagues on the role of male-male competition in speciation. Whilst their review is a timely one, Emily and I emphasise that it will be females that typically have the last word when it comes to pre-zygotic reproductive isolation.

Well done team – great start to 2018!