Peacocks and sexual selection

Dave has just been at a great Royal Society meeting on sexual selection and macroevolution, bringing together behavioural ecologists and palaeontologists for a very thought-provoking and fun discussion.

Best of all – and right on cue – one the local peacock males at Chicheley Hall started displaying during the first coffee break – couldn’t have been better! Still making Darwin sick after all these years…

(And the obligatory team photo below the peacock – thanks to Rob Knell)

Females and speciation

A commentary by Emily and Dave on the comprehensive review of male-male competition and speciation by Tinghitella et al is now out in Behavioural Ecology. Whilst male-male competition should not be ignored as a source of reproductive isolation, mate choice and the role of females will generally also be needed to close the loop and hence lead to speciation.

Our note is here: Burdfield-Steel, E.R. & Shuker, D.M. (2018) Divergence is not speciation, or why we need females: a comment on Tinghitella et al. Behavioral Ecology, ary069.

And the original review is here: