Lots of new news!

Hello everyone,

After a quiet couple of months, lots of lab news to catch up on.

First, a warm welcome to three new MSc(Res) students: Céile Swinton-Boyle, Mélissa Armand, and Joe Hamm. Céile and Joe will be working on sex allocation and other things with Nasonia and possibly Ampulex, whilst Mélissa will be joining Vicki to work on post-copulatory sexual selection in the bugs.

Second, an equally warm welcome to five Honours project students who will working in the lab this year: Sophie Zawadzki (wasps), Amy Knight (CHCs in the bugs), Clea Russell (also with Sue Healy, working on gender biases in student assessment of lecturers), Georgia Kay (sexual selection), and Hannah Wilson (infertility in the wild).

We will be busy – excellent!

Third, we have a couple of manuscripts being revised at the moment, so hopefully news of our next publications to follow very shortly.

Finally, teaching has already started, with Dave and Vicki off doing the Orielton field-course a couple of weeks ago (which again was blessed with pretty good weather), so good luck to everyone for the coming academic year!