New paper

Congratulations to Becky, who has just had her review on convenience polyandry accepted in TREE. The review, based on part of her thesis discussion, considers the fleeting nature of true convenience polyandry, and is co-authored by Marlene Zuk and yours truly. Final details of in-print version to follow.


A brief post to re-affirm my strong opposition to leaving the EU, and to repudiate the ugly – and frankly ridiculous – statements made by various members of the current UK Government about our European friends and allies.

I strongly support the EU, and will continue to do so regardless of the state of the UK’s relationship with EU countries.

Undergraduate and post-graduate students from the EU enrich my research and teaching, and are a valuable part of our academic community. The benefits of their presence, and also of the presence of EU workers in the UK, has been confirmed beyond any doubt, and I will continue to welcome them. To argue that they are damaging our economy is to tell lies.

I am disgusted that our politicians cannot make the case for the contribution of EU – and non-EU – workers to our economy, and to our broader intellectual and social well-being, through contributions to science, arts and so on. Instead, they are appear craven to a media that is xenophobic at best, racist at worst, and a small group of atavistic nationalists that do not reflect our true values as a country.

Please resist BREXIT in any way that you can.