David currently teaches on the following modules:

Biology 1 (BL1101) and Biology 2 (BL1102): Introductory evolution lectures
Animal Behaviour (BL2312), Applied Molecular Biology (BL2309), Dale Fort Field-Course (BL3000), Coevolution (BL3319, and Module Organiser): a mix of lectures and practicals spanning animal behaviour, ecology, evolution and evolutionary genetics.

David also supervisors students for their Senior Honours projects (BL4200 & BL4201) and External Research Placements (BL4603) for the Integrated Masters programmes.

We also welcome Masters students from either taught PG courses or research PG courses who wish to do their research projects in the lab. Students have the opportunity to design and undertake behavioural, ecological, or quantitative genetic studies using the insects we have in the lab, or any other species we can sensibly look after and study. There is also the opportunity to undertake field-work, for instance during the summer months. Generally these projects will complement ongoing work in the lab (see Research), but I am always open to new ideas.

We have a good record in under-graduates contributing high quality research to our publications and we take all research done in the lab the same way: seriously but having fun with our wonderful study organisms at the same time.