Teaching & Outreach

David will be on research leave for semester 2 of the 2014-15 academic year.

He will return to teaching for the 2015-16 academic year, including:

BL2105 Ecology & Evolution (semester 2)
BL3000 Orielton Field-course (semester 1)

We also welcome Senior Honours (BL4201) and Masters students who wish to do their research projects in the lab. Students have the opportunity to design and undertake behavioural or quantitative genetic studies using the insects we have in the lab, or any other species we can sensibly look after and study. There is also the opportunity to undertake field-work, for instance during the summer before. Generally these projects will complement ongoing work in the lab (see Research), but I am always open to new ideas.

We have a good record in under-graduates contributing high quality research to our publications and we take all research done in the lab the same way: seriously but having fun at the same time. The most recent paper to include undergraduates is this one headed up by Emily:

Burdfield-Steel, E.R., Dougherty, L.R., Smith, L.A., Collins, L.A. & Shuker, D.M. (2013) Variation in social and sexual behaviour in four species of aposematic seed bugs (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae): the role of toxic and non-toxic food. Behavioural Processes, 99: 52-61.

Recent out-reach activities have included the last three Fife Science Festivals.

Fife Science Festival 2011Fife Science Festival 2012